Introducing DC Scholars Public Charter
School's new Elementary School Director:
Jessica Hiltabidel

Student Values


    • Be and stay organized

    • Use complete sentences

    • Be on time and prepared when you come to school and class – bring supplies, uniform and the right attitude

    • Follow all procedures and directions


    • Demonstrate good listening skills, eye contact and posture

    • Be committed to your studies and to learning because it will make you smarter

    • Read all directions, participate and ask insightful questions


    • Be nice – treat others as you would like to be treated

    • Be community-oriented and help others whenever possible

    • Show respect to yourself, classmates, teachers/staff, families and the school

    • Always use Please, Excuse Me, Thank You, Sorry and You’re Welcome whenever possible


    • Set high goals for yourself and do what is needed to achieve and exceed them

    • Do your homework

    • Persevere — stick to it when things aren’t going your way

    • Have PRIDE— Personal Responsibility In Demanding Excellence

Staff Values


    We are accountable to our students and their families. We want (and expect) the best for them so we seek excellence and set a high bar in everything we do.


    We are driven by our passion to see our students succeed. Therefore, we forge ahead and persist through challenges knowing that our students are worth the hard work.

  • HOPE

    We are unwavering in our optimism. We see realities for what they are while never doubting what can be achieved. Our hope enables us to overcome moments of apprehensions and fear.


    We do not have all of the answers. We must operate with humility and a growth mindset to approach our work with confidence and improve continuously.


    We are a diverse and trusting team. We respect one another and push each other to be better. We believe in each other’s unique potential and act in accordance with this conviction.