About DC Scholars PCS

DC Scholars Public Charter School prepares students to attend and succeed academically in high school and college while also equipping them with a foundation of life skills required to become productive members of their communities. Opened in 2012 as a PK-3 new-start public charter school in DC’s Ward 7, DC Scholars now serves grades PK3-8 while sustaining strong academic achievement. Our school delivers rigorous instruction, serves as a community of joy where our students thrive, and embeds the expectation that scholars can – and will – achieve academic success.

As a community school, we believe that our focus should not only be on academics, but that we must also support scholars’ emotional, social, and physical growth to improve overall student learning. We partner with families, social services, youth development organizations, and community activists to improve our scholars’ educational experiences and learning environments. We adjust our curriculum to exhibit cultural competence, emphasize real-world learning, and encourage problem-solving.

     Community School


Offering students and families supports that extend beyond the classroom, including social services, parent engagement and mental and physical health care. Partnerships include:

  • Joyful Market
  • Love and Carrots
  • One Common Unity
  • East of the River
  • Washington Youth Tennis
  • Strengthen Collaborative
  • Bainum Family Foundation


Serving the Ward 7 community, DC Scholars are putting students on the PATH to college while providing students with a foundation of life skills.

  • Founded 2012
  • Enrollment: 551
    • Elementary Division: 395
    • Middle Division: 155
  • Serves PK3-8th


Students receive rigorous and comprehensive instruction. DC Scholars focuses on individualizing each student’s learning experience.

  • PK3-PK4s offer a 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio
  • K-2 offer a 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio 
  • Targeted Intervention & Accelerated groups 


DC Scholars is focused on ensuring that our scholars develop their digital citizenship skills. Our Middle Division campus offers a blended learning curriculum that utilizes chrome books to integrate online instruction, while our Elementary Division utilizes chrome books to assist with small group instruction.  

  • Our Middle Division offers a 1 to 1 scholar to chromebook ratio.