Application Process

Our selective recruiting process seeks out the best and brightest professionals from around the country, and we strive to build a network of staff who are inspiring, team-oriented, and truly committed to transforming schools, communities and the lives of their students.

When you apply for a position with DC Scholars Community Schools, you can expect a fair and transparent application process that typically includes the following steps:


Complete our application to share your work and education experience with us. If you’re a teaching candidate, you will also submit a sample lesson plan. Please see the FAQs below for helpful hits and tips for submitting a successful application with DC Scholars Community Schools.


Selected candidates will be invited to participate in a 30 or 45-minute phone interview with our Manager of Talent. During this call, we will answer questions, learn more about your background, and share details about the experience of working with our team.

*For Leadership and Support Team positions
If you're applying for a Support Team or school-based leadership position, the next step in our process usually involves completing a written exercise. This performance task, which you will submit electronically, gives you an even better opportunity to assess your interest in the role. It also tells us how you might approach concrete tasks typically associated with the position.


All candidates complete an in-person interview before they are hired by our network. During this experience, teaching applicants will get to teach a sample lesson to a group of our scholars, and reflect on their experience afterward. You can also expect a guided tour of the school.


When you apply, we ask for three professional references, including at least one reference from a supervisor. If you are in the final round of consideration, we will call or email these individuals for additional context on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the application?

    Candidates will submit an application along with a resume, sample lesson plan (for teaching candidates only), at least three professional references, and responses to 2-3 written questions.

  • What are we looking for in job candidates?

    We look for educators who are committed to transforming urban education, and capable of helping our scholars to achieve breakthrough results. We recruit candidates from both traditional and non-traditional routes. In particular, great candidates:

    • Constantly seek out opportunities to improve their practice
    • Demonstrate alignment with our mission and core values
    • Have outstanding instructional and classroom management skills
    • Go out of their way to support colleagues, students and families
    • Believe that every child can meet high academic expectations
  • What are the working hours for school-based staff?

    Our students often come to us several grade levels behind in core subjects. An extended school day and school year make sure that teachers and students have the time and attention they need to achieve exceptional results. Each of our schools operate on an extended school day, with exact hours differing by campus:

    • DC Scholars Public Charter School – 7:45 am – 4:15 pm
    • DC Scholars Stanton Elementary – 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

    Outside of the standard workday, teachers also participate in periodic professional development opportunities with their peers.

    For example, DC Scholars Public Charter School devotes a half-day to professional development each Wednesday, so that teachers can take a step back from their work to learn and reflect on their practice.

    We know our teachers give their all, and we make sure they have as much time as possible during work hours to get it all done. Group planning time and our strong adult culture make collaboration easier and more effective than it is at many other schools.

  • What salary and benefits do new employees receive?

    At DC Scholars Public Charter School, we truly value the unique experience, skills and educational backgrounds of our teachers and staff. We work to ensure that our salaries are competitive for the local market and offer all full-time employees generous health insurance and retirement benefits packages.

    DC Scholars Stanton Elementary School employees are employees of DC Public Schools (DCPS) and are compensated based on the DCPS compensation scale. These full-time employees are also offered competitive health insurance and retirement benefits. Click here to learn more about DCPS teacher compensation.

  • What are the certification requirements for new teachers?

    All new teachers must be Highly Qualified, according to the standards of the state in which they teach.

    At DC Scholars PCS, teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree and demonstrated subject matter competence on the Praxis exams, in each of the core academic subjects that they teach. For more information, contact our HR Department at

    At DC Scholars Stanton, the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) requires all teachers to be on the path to formal licensure in the District of Columbia. (For experienced out-of-state educators, this means applying for reciprocity with OSSE.) Please refer to the OSSE Website for more details on certification requirements.

  • Does DC Scholars hire first year or beginner teachers?

    We consider anyone who does not have full-time K-12 teaching experience to be a first year or beginner teacher, including those who have previously worked with children outside of a K-12 setting. Though we look for candidates who have at least two years of lead teaching experience, we do hire a small number of first year teachers.

    With new teachers, we look for candidates who have completed or will have completed a teacher training program that teaches the practical skills of teaching such as: lesson planning, classroom management, assessment planning, and use of data to drive instruction. We do not hire new teachers who have not been trained in education.

  • Can you describe the DC Scholars Community Schools approach to culture, management and discipline?

    Sweating the small stuff is central to our students’ success. All of our teachers are trained and coached in The Center for Transformative Teacher Training’s No- Nonsense Nurturer classroom management strategies. Teachers also utilize a variety of Teach Like a Champion strategies to stretch student thinking and shift the cognitive load to students.

    Our schools further reinforce high expectations by teaching students ownership and accountability for their actions through our PATH Values: Professional/Prepared, Attentive, Thoughtful, and Hardworking. Both of our schools have a character education program that is centered on the PATH values. Students study these values throughout the year in beginning of year and mid-year student orientations as well as regular classroom and community (grade-level) meetings. Teachers use these values to build intrinsic motivation and accountability for learning, while also tracking these values using school based practices.

    Specifically, our schools use the online platform Class Dojo to communicate with parents in real time, as well as reinforce positive student choices aligned to the values of professional/prepared, attentive, thoughtful, and hardworking. Students’ points on Class Dojo are tied to daily, weekly, and quarterly school events or outings. For example, students in kindergarten through 2nd grade who earn a minimum amount of points in a two-week period participate in a 45-minute game, craft, or activity every-other Friday. 3rd – 5th grade students earn monthly field trips by demonstrating the PATH values regularly.

  • How do DC Scholars Community Schools serve students who face challenges (academic, social, or behavioral) but who do not qualify for special education services or a 504 Service Agreement?

    In addition to our strong school – based teams of student support staff, our network also uses a Responsive to Intervention (RTI) framework to provide a multi-tiered approach to the identification and support of students who face academic, social, and/or behavioral challenges. For students who demonstrate academic, social, and/or behavioral challenges, teachers use diagnostic assessments, high quality direct instruction, evidence-based academic interventions, and regular progress monitoring to facilitate student achievement. Teachers meet on a weekly basis to review student data, monitor student progress, and adjust intervention groups and plans, when appropriate. The majority of our students participate in a structured intervention block daily.

  • Can I visit a DC Scholars Community School?

    Absolutely! We’d love to have you tour a DC Scholars Community School. As a growing organization, we welcome the opportunity to get feedback from our community. All candidates who are invited for an in-person interview also have the opportunity to tour a DC Scholars Community School. If you would like to schedule a visit, please send an email to

  • Can I submit my resume to DC Scholars Community Schools to be considered for future job openings?

    Yes! Even if we don’t have a current opening that fits your interests, we are still interested in hearing from you. Submit your resume for general consideration, and we will let you know about future opportunities that are a fit with your interests and experience.

  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    Please send an email to