Our School Leadership Model

DC Scholars Community Schools are home to a variety of leadership roles that directly impact our schools’ culture, operations, and academic programming. These include:


Leadership Development Programs

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. —Jack Welch

DC Scholars Community Schools believes in the power of growing and developing talent at every level. We know the impact that a great leader can have on his or her teachers and the impact that an incredible teacher can make for students. Coaching and development is at the heart of our approach to talent. We grow and keep great team members and seek out ways to help them grow their practice and refine their leadership skills.

At DC Scholars Community Schools, we offer the following programs to support leader development:

Incubated School Director Program

The Incubated School Director program gives aspiring principals a year to devote themselves to learning, planning and preparing for the challenge of leading a DC Scholars school. Incubation could include a new year of planning and preparation in residence or be an additional opportunity attached to a leader’s current roles and responsibilities. In either scenario, Incubated School Directors receive coaching in project management and our hone six leadership competencies throughout their planning year.

Leadership Development Programs

  • • Instructional Leadership
    • Culture Leadership
    • Talent Leadership
  • • Operational and Strategic Leadership
    • Family and Community Leadership
    • Personal and People Leadership

Partnership with RELAY Graduate School

We are fortunate to have a partnership with RELAY Graduate School for Education. Each year, several leaders are invited to join the RELAY National Principals Academy Fellowship (NPAF), a one-year training program that utilizes job embedded learning and a tight focus on the highest levers of educational leadership to develop principals into true instructional leaders. Learn more about the NPAF program by visiting http://www.relay.edu/programs/national-principals-academy-fellowship/overview

Monthly Leadership Development Days

The DC Scholars Community Schools team hosts monthly leadership development days with leaders across our schools. Culture and instructional leaders come together for 6 hours each month to co-observe classrooms, analyze data, engage in lesson studies, refine teacher coaching plans and collectively address adaptive challenges. The workshops provide leaders with a chance to learn from best practices, collaborate with colleagues and continually refine their own leadership skills with their peers.