School Model

In order to truly prepare our scholars for success in college and beyond, we must create schools that not only deliver rigorous instruction, but also serve as communities of joy where our students thrive. Operating under a code of excellence, we engage our families and the surrounding community so our students learn from excellent leaders and teachers, experience a strong culture and receive effective instruction.

  • Teacher & Leader Development
    We believe that effective schools are dependent upon strong leaders in every building and effective instructors in every classroom. Accordingly, DC Scholars invests heavily in the selection, training and ongoing development of our teachers and leaders. We adopt common visions of excellence for each of our leader roles, and common instructional standards and expectations for our teachers. We develop our leaders and teachers through an ongoing cycle of observation, feedback and practice to drive achievement and continuous improvement.
  • Strong Culture
    Our culture is the foundation that propels student achievement; it creates an environment in which learning thrives, and embeds the expectation that scholars can, and will, achieve academic success. Rooted in our PATH values, we provide common expectations for routines, procedures and student conduct that ensure our schools are structured, yet warm places of learning.
  • Effective Instruction
    We incorporate the following core instructional practices, designed to quickly move our students up to grade level:

    • Common visions for excellence

    • Rigorous, Common Core-aligned curriculum

    • Data-driven approach

    • Practical, tactical differentiation

  • Family & Community Commitment
    We know that learning begins with families and continues well beyond the school day and year. For that reason, achievement-centered family engagement is critical to the success of a community school. We initiate regular family and community events including home visits, parent-teacher meetings, and Knowledge and Literacy Nights. These forums foster open lines of communication and provide intentional opportunities for parents and teachers to drive success for all children.
  • Operational Excellence
    We believe that smooth day-to-day operation is an integral component to how our students learn. We create a school environment that operates efficiently to maximize the learning experience of all scholars. Our operations team provides consistent, high-quality service and training in key operations practices to school-based staff, which allows our academic leaders to focus on student achievement.