Our team exists to inspire and empower school leaders through expert thought partnership, operational support, and programmatic strategy -- ensuring a stable, high-impact, well-resourced environment in which scholars and families of Southeast DC succeed.


All scholars and families of Southeast DC will have access to high-quality community schools that empower them to actualize their dreams.

What are Community Schools?

A Community School is a school that partners with the community to bring high- quality education as well as increased access to community resources for its students.

A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships. A community school believes that we cannot only focus on academics but we must support students’ emotional, social, and physical growth to improve overall student learning. Community schools partner with social services, youth development organizations, and community activists to improve its students’ educational experiences and learning environments. These schools adjust their curriculum to exhibit cultural competence, emphasize real-world learning, and encourage problem-solving.

Our vision is for each of our schools to become a true community school that offers supports and opportunities for our students, their families, and their communities. We currently have partnerships with Martha’s Table and Flamboyan Foundation at both of our schools. DC Scholars Public Charter School also partners with East River Family Strengthening Collaborative, Love and Carrots, and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7E. DC Scholars Stanton also has partnerships with Wendt Center, Collaborative Solutions for Communities, The Children’s Gift Foundation, Department of Behavioral Health, Kid Power, Blessings in a Backpack, Voices for a Second Chance, Girl Scouts of McLean, The Creative School, and City Year. Through these partnerships, we have seen our families become more involved, our scholars have improved both academically and behaviorally, and we’ve built strong, lasting connections with community members that have strengthened our work.

Stanton has the honor of receiving funding for Community School programming through OSSE’s inaugural Community Schools Incentive Initiative. Learn more about the cohort of Community Schools grantees here.