Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning at DC Scholars 

DC Scholars is committed to ensuring that all students have meaningful and joyful learning opportunities that equip them with the knowledge base and critical thinking skills to become lifelong learners. In order to ensure that every child can succeed online, DC Scholars is: 


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Remote Learning (August – February 2021)

DC Scholars will operate schools FULLY REMOTE. 

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Meal Resources 

This year, our meals will be provided by a new vendor, Preferred Meals! Our staff sampled the meals this summer and we were incredibly impressed. We know that our scholars will thoroughly enjoy the meal options that are available.   


School Based

Meal Kits are being provided for a 5 day period, and will be distributed every Friday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Meals will be served frozen and shelf stable with detailed instructions on what goes together and how to reheat/prepare them. The meals are then to be consumed from Monday-Friday of the next week and then the next week’s kit will be picked up on the following Friday.

Meal Kits may only be picked up by enrolled scholars or an authorized parent/guardian on the blacktop area of the parking lot. Food service staff will be present to keep a record of what meals have been picked up and by whom. Meals will be distributed to the scholar OR the parent/guardian that is listed as the primary contact. If an additional person who is not your scholars’ parent/guardian of record needs to pick up meals for your scholar, please email our Kitchen Manager, Ms. Metri at by 4pm on the Thursday proceeding the pickup day.

Stated Based 

Beginning Thursday, September 24, 2020, DCPS will offer no cost meals to all DC youth age 18 and under at 47 schools across the District. During this period, youth are not required to be enrolled in DC Public Schools to receive meals. Youth and or parents/guardians on their behalf may receive up to 3 breakfast and 3 lunch meals daily. The meal sites will operate through December 31st, 2020. DCPS meal sites can be found here.

Also, the Department of Parks and Recreation is currently offering free grab-and-go afternoon meals for DC youth 18 and younger at 10 sites. These meals are available for any child that visits a site. DPR meal sites can be found here.