The DC Scholars Way

PATH Core Values

At DC Scholars, our mission is to provide scholars with a foundation of life skills so that they grow up to be productive members of our community. Our student PATH values include: being Prepared, Attentive, Thoughtful, and Hardworking. Additionally, we believe in building strong daily habits. Students are encouraged to develop habits for success (The Core 4). Our scholars are expected to attend school daily, be on time, wear their uniform, and be prepared with all homework assignments. These PATH values and Core 4 habits will put our scholars on the PATH to high school, college, and beyond! 

Socio-Emotional Learning

Every morning, students have the opportunity to develop their social skills through interactive activities and lessons led by their homeroom teachers. Together with their classmates, students learn key social skills, such as: empathy, making friends, problem solving, and emotion management.  



At DC Scholars, we offer a robust academic early childhood program. Each scholar gains a strong foundation in early literacy and math skills as well as a passion for learning! 

Based on the DC Early Learning Standards, our early childhood instructional team designs engaging learning modules. Some learning themes include: Transportation, Community Helpers, Living Things, and Water. 

Students in preschool and Pre-K enjoy: 

Students in preschool and Pre-K are assessed throughout the year. Based on their learning strengths and opportunities for growth, teachers provide tailored small group instruction to meet the needs of each scholar. 

K-8 Math: 

DC Scholars offers rigorous, Common-Core aligned math instruction. Following the Eureka Math program, students develop conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency. In addition, students have the opportunity to apply their learning in real world mathematical tasks. At DC Scholars we believe our students deserve the best mathematics education possible, one that allows them to meet their personal and career goals in an ever-changing world. 

DC Scholars provides students with: 

All students experience: 

In addition, each child has access to iReady, a personalized, online learning program that students can access at home and at school. 

K-8 ELA:

DC Scholars offers a rigorous, Common-Core aligned English-Language Arts program. DC Scholars provides each student with: 

DC Scholars is an Expeditionary Learning (EL) school. All students have the opportunity to develop deep knowledge in science and social studies while honing their reading and writing skills. Students write fiction stories, persuasive essays, and informative pieces. We are intentional about selecting texts that represent diverse people and characters and offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of history and cultures around the world. 

Modules include engaging topics, such as: 

At the end of each module, students complete performance tasks and have the opportunity to share their work with their peers. 

Our ELA blocks are broken down into unique components: 

Grades K-2 Grades 3-8 
  • EL Language Arts Whole Group Reading and Writing Lesson 
  • EL Skills Lesson (Phonics and Phonemic Awareness) 
  • Small Group Guided Reading and Differentiated EL Skills Lesson
  • EL Language Arts Whole Group Reading and Writing Lesson 
  • Small Group Close Reading Lesson

In addition, each child has access to iReady, a personalized, online learning program that students can access at home and at school. For scholars in grades 3-8, students have access to myON, a virtual library that provides students with access to books for independent reading 


At DC Scholars, we offer P.E., Art, and Music for our Elementary scholars and P.E., Health, Coding, and Science for our Middle School scholars.  On a quarterly basis, students rotate to each course. 

We also have additional after school electives and programs. DC Scholars offers a variety of extracurricular activities and youth leadership opportunities. Students can participate in cheerleading, basketball, track, yearbook, coding, drumming, coding, student government, and National Junior Honor’s Society.


Staff Values



We are accountable to our students and their families. We want (and expect) the best for them so we seek excellence and set a high bar in everything we do.



We are driven by our passion to see our students succeed. Therefore, we forge ahead and persist through challenges knowing that our students are worth the hard work.



We are unwavering in our optimism. We see realities for what they are while never doubting what can be achieved. Our hope enables us to overcome moments of apprehensions and fear.



We do not have all of the answers. We must operate with humility and a growth mindset to approach our work with confidence and improve continuously.



We are a diverse and trusting team. We respect one another and push each other to be better. We believe in each other’s unique potential and act in accordance with this conviction.